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American Graffiti (1973) - Release Info - IMDb American Graffiti (1973) - IMDb Sweden, Sista natten med gänget. Turkey (Turkish title Gençlik Yillari. USA (fake working title Another Slow Night in Modesto. Sista natten med gänget (originaltitel: American Graffiti) är en amerikansk film regisserad av George Lucas. American Graffiti - Wikipedia Filmen hade allmän biopremiär i USA den. Regissör : George Lucas. American Graffiti is a 1973 American coming-of-age comedy film directed and co- written by George Lucas starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat. Filmen är regisserad av Peter Farrelly och skriven av Farrelly med, brian Hayes.


M - Candy Red - Ginger cutie drinks old sperm. As a result, Lucas commissioned help from friend Haskell Wexler, who was credited as the "visual consultant". He says he's sorry it's so late, but it's the first scholarship the Moose Lodge has given out. Curt waits by the telephone booth and early the next morning, he is awakened by the phone ringing. Retrieved January 19, 2008. This would allow the studio to advertise American Graffiti as "from the man who gave you The Godfather (1972. The studio eventually proposed a flat deal that offered every music publisher the same amount of money. 13 Lucas and producer Gary Kurtz took the script to American International Pictures, who expressed interest, but ultimately believed American Graffiti was not violent or sexual enough for the studio's standards.

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Retrieved May 9, 2009. 22 In addition, two camera operators were nearly killed when filming the climactic race scene on Frates Road outside Petaluma. 20 However, various studio employees who had seen the film began talking it up, and its reputation grew through word of mouth. 5657 a b Baxter,. Thought you were trying to avoid them or something. Steve gives Toad his 1958 Chevrolet Impala to watch while he's away at college until he returns at Christmas. As hes leaving the station, Curt sees the man talking into the microphone and hears the voice of The Wolfman, and realizes the man is the actual DJ himself. 19 Editing edit Lucas had wanted his wife, Marcia, to edit American Graffiti, but Universal executive Ned Tanen insisted on hiring Verna Fields, who had just finished editing Steven Spielberg 's The Sugarland Express. 40 Roger Ebert gave the film a full four stars and praised it for being "not only a great movie but a brilliant work of historical fiction; no sociological treatise could duplicate the movie's success in remembering exactly how it was to be alive. 59 Lucas's Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) features references to the film.

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